Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liberals let Obama off the hook?

No doubt you're heard the regressives espouse this theory time and again, particularly on Faux News. As but one recent example, their headliner Bill O' (the clown) Reilly said liberal NBC didn't report on the recent drone scandal. Of course this HuffPo story disproved him, as did countless other media outlets. It was in fact NBC that broke the latest news on the Administration white paper defending the policy. The BillO doubles down with some specious prevaricating that he never said such a thing, but again the video bears witness to his bullshit.

Granted there has been some head-in-the-sand burying on some of these issues, issues that were made large when Bush was doing them. But Rachel Maddow and MSNBC has not been among them. Rachel Maddow as but one example has been a constant burr in Obama's side when it comes to such issues. Here recent story is but one recent example. The story starts around 5:50.

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