Thursday, February 21, 2013

Regressives are lying about the sequester

Ed Schultz exposes the regressive lie that the sequester was purely Obama's idea. Damn these bastards take to lying so naturally. Round and round the lie goes throughout the regressive echo chamber, as if just by repetition it will stick. One thing we learned in the last election about framing is that it is necessary and important, but if it's based on lies and those lies are exposed then no amount of framing can help. So let's expose this particular lie.

According to The Daily Beast in 2011 Speaker Boehner created a power point presentation on spending cuts and future caps. On caps the presentation said: "Failure to remain below these caps triggers automatic across-the-board cuts ('sequestration')." Boehner pushed sequestration to his caucus as a strategy to get the kind of severe budget cuts they wanted. When the Bill was signed he told the media he loved the idea.

It was an agreement between him and Obama with the hopes that no one in their right mind would want such a disaster, so it was a harsh motivation to get things done. But Obama back then was naive and believed the liars, and the regressives knew at that time it was just a strategy to get their draconian cuts. And that they had every intention of using the sequestration as a threat to get them, knowing they'd go over that edge and harm the country to get their way. They lied about the purpose of the sequestration and now they're lying again about who created it. And their frame cannot hide their rampant and continual  lies.

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