Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Borromean Resistance

Bryant's new blog post on Borromean Critical Theory is a further development of his attempt to integrate the 'value spheres,' in Habermasian terms. Seems like Wilber in that each domain has its own paradigmatic methodology which enacts its contents. And yet the integral part is seeing how these domains interact and influence each other.

"Each has their place and there are things that can only be discovered through these three reductions.    Ultimately, however, the aim is to thematize how these three orders interact and influence one another, so as to better understand the dynamics of power and to better develop strategies of resistance."

Strategies of resistance, yes. Unlike the Bohrg motto, resistance is not only not futile but necessary to change this evil system of capitalism in bed with government. And hence the upcoming sequester, which threatens to kill your job and very likely your life if you cannot find another one, since regressives are determined to gut social programs so that you could not actually live on them, destined to die a drawn-out death from misery and starvation. We must resist, but effectively, in all domains.

Hmmm, perhaps we can call ourselves the Borromean Resistance? Each member, instead of being a personification of Zorro, could be one of Borro? Masks and swords are in order...

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