Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dawlabani's Integral World article

Back on the first page of part I of the IPS anti-capitalism thread we discussed some of Dawlabani's SDi work starting in this post. He has a new post up at Integral World discussing his book MEMEnomics. An excerpt:

"Functional Capitalism, which is a value-systems guide to an economy designed from the Yellow and Turquoise systems, or the Second Tier of values. [...] This is the emerging Fifth MEMEnomic Cycle that is in its embryonic and introductory phases in parts of the US, Northern Europe and Germany. [...] This is the distributed intelligence of biological systems being pioneered in economics.

"Effective governance of the future has to be designed from the Yellow seventh level of values. Examples of political leaders in the US who exhibit these values are former Fed Chairman Paul Volker and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren."

I strongly disagree with this one though because it is antithetical to most everything he said above:

"An analysis is offered of the Conscious Capitalism Movement and why it holds the promise for the systemic spread of Yellow seventh-level values in business practices."

In spiral dynamic terms, I'd put conscious capitalism in the orange exit/green enter phase. It still mixes and matches them. Yes, it's better than the kind of global capitalism he criticizes but it's not yellow by a long stretch. He rightly characterizes the latter with distributed intelligence. I'd say Rifkin's economics is more green exit/yellow enter phase, whereas stable green economics would be more like the social democracies of northern Europe on the verge of yellow. Hence those countries are amenable to Rifkin's agenda. And conscious capitalists are not.

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