Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why red state workers support the companies who poison them

Robert Reich wrote about this today. The chemical spill in WV last week is a case in point. It was the third major spill in 5 years yet no action is taken to prevent future spills. Because these companies know they can get away with it due to employment prospects being so bad in this poor area. People are willing to work at slave wages and forgo workplace safety and even their health rather than upset the company who might reduce the workforce or worse, pull out of the area altogether.

Hence no one complains when these spills happen; they just buck up and cower in fear while tending to the illnesses they get from the hand that barely feeds them. The American Dream, right? Yeah, for the greedy corps that run these sweat shops, reaping in huge profits because they don't have to pay their employees much, and can get away with literal murder while destroying the environment with no consequences or expense.

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