Thursday, August 28, 2014

An example of people power

See this article. The CEO of Market Basket, Artie T., was fired by the Board because he was too generous. No, the Board was too greedy. So the customers and workers united in protests and boycotts and the Board relented, restoring Artie to his position and agreeing to sell him a controlling 50.5% share of the company.

His crime?

Giving back to his workers and his customers in the form of better wages and better prices. Yes, the Board and shareholders were well compensated too. But the Board's only concern was with them and the shareholders and fuck everyone else. We see what can happen when everyone else wants and gets a fair and well-deserved piece of the pie so everyone wins. Use this as a positive example folks and get organized. We can make this a better world if we but fight back and use the leverage of our buying and labor power.

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