Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Standardized testing refuted by the evidence

See this article.This is nothing new, but new evidence supports what most of us with half a brain have known from already existing evidence. Standardized testing and its educational prep is good for the obvious, scoring better on those tests. But that sort of education doesn't really educate us much in terms of being well rounded, healthy and functional human beings. The new evidence has to do with learning works in the brain, by alternating periods of intense focus with periods of relaxed wandering and play.

The testing crowd just sees and values one side of that equation and hence creates overworked, overstimulated, neurotic children incapable of ever stopping to smell the roses. No surprise though really, since that's exactly what we expect of our adults in their work lives, constantly driven by the ever increasing need for more of everything but never actually getting enough. It does make though for good robots who are so exhausted that to just go along with the dominant meme is exactly the point of the 1%s, hence their backing of such an education.

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