Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jon Stewart on political dysfunction

 He nails it in this clip. The regressives run on a broken government that they in fact broke with their deliberate obstruction. Senate minority leader McConnell admitted as much before Obama's inauguration, knowing his ignorant and easily manipulated base would blame Obama for their failures. Another prime example is McConnell's campaign for reelection in KY. The KY Obamacare exchange is called Kynect and it is working and highly popular, even among his ignorant base. So he agrees to keep the Kynect website while getting rid of the program that is helping those who need it in KY?

Meanwhile the Democrats are afraid to run on Obamacare's successes, an insanity in itself. Polls show that even regressives on the program like it so to not run on it makes no sense, other than they just don't have the intestinal fortitude. Grimes, McConnell's opponent in KY, refuses to say whether she voted for Obama while the Obamacare Kynect program is so popular. Yes, Obama is unpopular at around 40% approval. But the Congressional regressives have less than a 10% approval rating. You'd think that the Democrats could do this very obvious math and run with who is far ahead.

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