Monday, October 13, 2014

Krugman on Obama in the Rolling Stone

Krugman has never hesitated to criticize the President when necessary. And yet in his recent Rolling Stone article he gives credit where it is due. While Obamacare is not ideal, it is better than things were and what the regressives would have done (nothing), and it is performing better than expected. Financial reform also has not gone as far as progressives would like, but it is effective in some ways. And again, a damn sight more that regressives would have done (nothing). Same with the economic recovery. Not as good as we'd hope, but despite every regressive obstruction we're doing better than many other countries that don't have the same regressive self-destruct in their legislature. No, Obama hasn't been the progressive ideal, but given the circumstances he's done "one heck of a job," to quote Dubya.

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