Thursday, October 16, 2014

The US is number one, but in what?

See this article. We lead the world in military expenditures, weapons export, have the most guns and gun-related deaths. How are we ranked otherwise? We are 17th in reading, 21st in math, and 20th in educational attainment. We ranked last in industrial countries for healthcare, and 30th for all countries. We have the 7th highest cancer rate and rank 26th in life expectancy.

"What about the environment? Specialists at Yale University have developed a highly sophisticated  Environmental Performance Index to examine the behavior of nations. In the area of protection of human health from environmental harm, their 2014 index placed the United States 35th in health impacts, 36th in water and sanitation, and 38th in air quality. In the other area studied―protection of ecosystems―the United States ranked 32nd in water resources, 49th in climate and energy, 86th in biodiversity and habitat, 96th in fisheries, 107th in forests, and 109th in agriculture"

See the article for more. We're number 1 all right, just not in the right things.

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