Thursday, March 23, 2017

Senator Frankin on how Gorsuch cares for corps, not people

See the video below. Brilliant strategy Senator Frankin. In questioning Gorsuch he brings up a case where Gorsuch wrote the dissent. It was the case of a truck driver who discovered his trauker brakes were frozen. The trucker called dispatch to fix it but they never came. It was 14 degrees below zero and the trucker was freezing to death waiting, plus he didn't want to proceed on the trip with no trailer brakes endangering himself on the road. So after waiting for hours he unhitched the truck and drove on. He was fired for doing that.

The rest of the court thought what he did was reasonably and overturned the firing. But not Gorsuch. He argued that there was the 'plain meeting rule' to the governing statue. But the rest of the court argues that there is an exception to that rule when circumstances render it absurd. Frankin rendered Gorsuch's entire judicial philosophy, which is based on the conservative political philosophy, absurd: that real people should either freeze to death or endanger other people when your corporation puts you in that position.

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