Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Steve Bannon expose

Abby Martin of Empire Files does an in-depth expose of Bannon, the brains pulling Twamp's strings. It's a frightening picture of a neo-Nazi hell bent of the power to implement the alt-right's evil agenda. And yes, I do mean evil. David Duke of KKK fame praises him as articulating their agenda. White nationalist Andrew Breitbart called Bannon "the Lenny Riefenstahl of the Tea Party movement." Riefenstahl was a Nazi filmmaker for Hitler's propaganda. He blamed the financial crisis on hippies instead of the bankers. Also search my other posts on Bannon by putting his name in the search box.

I appreciate the end, where Martin asserts correctly that resisting Bannon and Twamp will not come from a Wall Street Democratic Party. It will come from a progressive, multi-cultural movement in the streets. Welcome to my little alley of the resistance.

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