Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor?

Good article. There are a number of factors for this cruelty, why they literally want to take away food, shelter and health care away from the poor. Their authoritarian tendencies make them susceptible to bullying and dominance. They believe in the 'just world fallacy,' that everyone gets what they deserve They tend not to use systems thinking, instead believing there is a more direct causation as in the noted fallacy. From this view social inequality is deserved and fair. They tend to only have compassion and care for those in their own socio-economic group. They believe in 'rugged individualism,' that the individual is solely responsible for their fate regardless of circumstances. This is exemplified in certain Evangelicals enamored of 'prosperity programming,' that God favors the rich and detests the poor. This is a really sick bunch of cruel and inhuman bastards.

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