Friday, April 28, 2017

Thomas Frank on the Dem Party

Great article analyzing the Dem Party. Thing is, the Party isn't able to change course. Just look at their continued contempt for the progressive contingent. Some excerpts:

"The wreckage that you see every day as you tour this part of the country [industrial midwest] is the utterly predictable fruit of the Democratic party’s neoliberal turn. Every time our liberal leaders signed off on some lousy trade deal, figuring that working-class people had 'nowhere else to go,' they were making what happened last November a little more likely."

"Every time our liberal leaders deregulated banks and then turned around and told working-class people that their misfortunes were all attributable to their poor education, that the only answer for them was a lot of student loans and the right sort of college degree ... every time they did this they made the disaster a little more inevitable."

"What we need is for the Democratic party and its media enablers to alter course. It’s not enough to hear people’s voices and feel their pain; the party actually needs to change. They need to understand that the enlightened Davos ideology they have embraced over the years has done material harm to millions of their own former constituents. The Democrats need to offer something different next time. And then they need to deliver."

No,  it's time for progressives to let that shitcan go.

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