Sunday, May 28, 2017

What the Republican Party used to be

But no longer is. Hartmann interviews a Republican running for Arkansas' 3rd district, Robb Ryerse, who wants to take the Party back to what it used to be: Progressive! Hartmann opens with the Eisenhower Republican platform, which expanded social security, expanded unions, built the interstate highway system, hospitals and schools and wanted equal pay. Ryerse's platform includes: meaningful tax reform, meaning eliminating tax loopholes for the wealthiest and biggest corps; liberty and opportunity for all people, meaning putting people ahead of Party politics by providing healthcare and college for all; responsible government spending that does the most good for the most people, meaning spending on healthcare, college and infrastructure instead of tax breaks for the wealthiest or bailouts for Wall Street. He sounds not at all like Republicans of today.

He's a throwback to when there were actually progressives in that Party that could work with progressives in the Dem Party to get things done for we the people. Now it's the regressive Wall Street whores in both Parties that have taken over and want no part in a progressive populist platform that we the people want, despite Party affiliation. Remember that T-Swamp won on a populist message to drain the Washington swamp, a large part of why he won. A segment of those who believed him are waking up to the fact that he lied and they want a genuine populist agenda. That's why perhaps this guy will be more the standard bearer on his Party. And the US can return to a progressive nation where both Parties have that agenda and work together to get it done.

PS: He is the first Republican candidate endorsed by Brand New Congress, which is devoted to running progressives to replace the establishment corporatists in Congress by implementing this people's platform, which all endorsed candidates must support.

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