Friday, June 30, 2017

Senator Warren on how the wealthcare bill kills people

She makes this bold but accurate statement:  "The rich will get richer and other people will die." And it's not in the least hyperbole. She presents facts. People without healthcare coverage are more likely to die that those with coverage. Then she lists the academic medical sources backing up that statement. One medical study said up to 45,000 uninsured lives are lost in just one year. Another medical study showed that children without health insurance are 60% more likely to die as a result. Yet another medical study compared those States covered under Medicaid expansion with those without this coverage. They found that in States without the expansion nearly 20 more in 100,000 died every year than in States with the coverage. See the video for more info. The medical stats don't lie. Her bold statement is true and the Repugnantan plan will literally kill people in order to give tax breaks to the rich. It is that simple and that true. And hospitals and medical associations agree with that.

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