Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What integrates our selves?

Continuing this post, the article goes into the neuroscience of meditation, its main theme, to be explored later in a different thread. E.g., the article also "suggests that an integrative network supported by mindfulness may improve efficiency and guide changes in self-specific, affect-biased attention by integrating information from the three self-specific networks [... it] is uniquely situated to integrate information coming from the other three systems and facilitate global reorganization or plasticity amongst the networks."

The take-away point in the last post/article is that this integrative network is NOT self-related, hence not about developmental levels of the narrative self, or even the self-system more generally. Meditation (meta-awareness) though develops this integrative network. The authors speculate that this network "may effectively facilitate context-appropriate switching between anticorrelated networks," the latter meaning the EES and EPS v. the NS. Hence once again the different aspects of the self are at various levels depending on tasks appropriate to the context.

Which raises another point, the relationship between this integrative 'state' of meta-awareness and stages of any line, including the ego or cognitive lines. Recall it is this 'state' that does the integration between the different selves, not one of the selves including the ego system. This requires some further pondering.

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