Sunday, December 24, 2017

How we got into this mess

And how we get out of it, by Robert Reich. When we take care of everyone, everyone benefits. When we don't and a few hoard most everything, then obviously only they benefit and the rest of us suffer. To fix it we need to restore policies that worked for everyone, like higher taxes on corporations and the rich to pay their fair share for social programs, since it is we the people via our labor and government that made them rich. They'd still be rich by paying their fair share, just not to the point of screwing everyone else.

We also need to bring back the power of labor unions to enact this society equity. We workings have no say in anything by ourselves but we do when we organize together to collectively bargain. It's exactly why the greedy rich have decimated them, because unions have kept that balance of shared benefits to all. We need a union resurgence to once again restore that balance.

See Reich's short video below for a fuller account of the problem and the fixes. The stark choice is between an ever increasing oligarchy or a better democracy.

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