Sunday, September 30, 2018

Blight House limits FBI investigation

Despite Dump lying about it, as usual, the investigation will be limited in the following ways.

1. Anything related to Jule Swetnick will not be investigated.
2. Former college classmates will not be interviewed about Kavanaugh's drinking.
3. Former high school classmates will not be interviewed about the accuracy of Kavanaugh's testimony.
4. It is not an FBI criminal investigation but a Blight House background investigation, so the Blight House sets the limitations.
5. Neither Ford nor her lawyers have been contacted about the investigation.
6. "The White House has authorized the FBI to interview four witnesses: Judge; Leland Keyser, a high school friend of Ford’s whom she said attended the party but was not told of the assault; P.J. Smyth, another party guest; and Ramirez, the Yale accuser." That's it.
7. Blight House Counsel McGahn, who wants Kavanaugh on the Corp, is in charge of the limitations.

Bottom line, it's a sham that in intended to skim the surface so as to not find any real proof.

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