Sunday, September 23, 2018

Libertarian Socialist Caucus platform

Can be found here. See it for the details. Some highlights:
  • Housing Justice: build and support popular neighborhood assemblies, [1] tenants unions, [2] housing cooperatives, eco-housing, community land trusts, and anti- gentrification coalitions; [3] and hold landlords accountable. [4] [5]
  • Ecosocialism: protect people and nature from fossil fuels, [6] toxic waste, [7] and ongoing climate catastrophe. [8] Work to ensure clean air, water, and land for everyone. Prepare and repair the world with community resilience, [9] [10] permaculture, and democratic, municipal control of energy grids and utilities. [11] [12]
  • Anti-Racism and Indigenous Rights: working locally and globally [13] to dismantle systems of oppression and ensure that all people have what they need to thrive. Encouraging and supporting anti-racist and anti-fascist organizing, [14] and work to end the colonial oppression of indigenous people and protect the rights of First Nations. [15]
  • Freedom of Movement and International Solidarity: abolish ICE [16] and ensure freedom of movement for all people. Develop international relations policy based on peace and economic solidarity, dismantle the war machine, and support global freedom struggles. [17]
  • Restorative and Transformative Justice: with the goal of abolishing police and prisons, efforts to make police accountable to communities, [18] support incarcerated people, [19] [20] and build community justice systems [21] to transform bad situations and unjust conditions into nurturing and just ones. [22] [23]  
  • Grassroots Base-building and Mutual Aid: creating organizing spaces that are safe, [24] welcoming, [25] and inclusive, [26] [27] creating innovative campaigns [28] focused on the needs of communities [29] where they live, [30] and giving our resources [31] to allow communities to thrive in their own way.
  • A Commitment to Socialist Feminism: supporting reproductive justice, [32] incorporating socialist feminism into the organization through education [33] and action. [34]
  • Democratize Finance: decommissioning predatory financial institutions and creating alternatives like participatory budgeting, credit unions and public banks. [35] [36]
  • Democratize Elections: referenda, [37] alternative voting systems, ballot access, publicly funded elections, [38] abolish gerrymandering, ending state-level preemptions against local laws.
  • Workers’ Self Directed Enterprise: Cooperative, worker-owned and -run businesses and nonprofits. Community projects such as buyer coops, platform coops, and multi-stakeholder coops.
  • Health Justice: working with the understanding that health is fundamental to freedom and intersects with every issue we experience as humans, local campaigns to retain [39] and expand community healthcare services.
  • Labor Organizing: creating workers’ councils, [40] organizing new industries, [41] and providing solidarity to striking workers [42]
  • Local Wins, Local Accountability: electoral work [43] that focuses on electing DSA members in local races [44] like school boards, soil and water conservation districts, county commissions, and city councils, [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51] winning protections and material benefits [52] for people where they live, [53] and gaining policy concessions [54] from local politicians. [55] Create local forms of direct democracy including community councils and participatory budgeting.

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