Saturday, September 29, 2018

Definitive proof Kavanaugh lied

The Young Turks break it down. First there's Kavanaugh's response to terms in his yearbook, like boufing and the Devil's Triangle. Why lie about this? Because the latter description is about 2 guys having sex with 1 woman, what he's accused of doing with Ford. Then there's the lie about Renate being an alumnius, which he says means they were all friends with her. No, it refers to all the guys having had sex with her. When asked if he took a polygraph test he claimed no because they are unreliable, yet in one of his rulings he said they indeed are reliable. Another lie. Kavanaugh said Ms. Kaiser, Dr. Ford's friend, said it never happened when in fact she said she didn't recall the incident but believes Dr. Ford nonetheless. Another lie.

These are just some of the lies in his last hearing, let alone the other proven perjury he's committed. He's a pathological liar arising from his entitled upbringing because he thinks he above accountability, like like his nominator Dump.

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