Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pox Views on incivility

I watched some of Pox Views Sunday this morning. They are equating Dump's direct calls to violence with peaceful liberal protest and saying both sides are responsible. This is not just a difference of opinion but a degeneration into madness. And that Pox is trying to make this false equivalence is proof positive that they are complicit in the violence that results from explicit, violent, hate speech that issues out of Dumpler's mouth by the hour. 

We progressives needs to continue to strongly and adamantly condemn it peacefully, as well as continue to confront Repugnantan politicians peacefully in public, as well as peacefully continue to protest en mass publicly, which is our right of protected speech under the Constitution of the US. Hateful, violent rhetoric such as Dump's on the other hand is using fighting words to incite violence which is not only vilified by the Constitution but is illegal and deserves legal prosecution. There is no comparison. Those that make one are conspiring in a crime and obstructing justice.

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