Friday, December 21, 2018

Corporate Dems block the Green New Deal

This really is no surprise to anyone not deluded by the obvious. Oh yeah, that indeed describes corporate Dems. The latter revived an ineffective House panel on climate change and eliminated Ocasio-Cortez suggestion for a select committee for the Green New Deal. Castor will head the bogus panel while refusing to require members to shun fossil fuel money.

Castor also said the Green New Deal was not the panel's focus. This despite 81% of those polled favor the GND, including 64% of Republicans. Again, no surprise, since the corporate Dems have proven time and again that they do not represent we the people. To believe that progressives can work with these corporate shills, that they are somehow a necessary part of the Party, is naïve at best. They have to go. Primary them with progressives and vote them out!

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