Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Segall on Keller's work

In this post Segall reviews some of Keller's book The Cloud of the Impossible. This quote is relevant to recent IPS threads and posts on the inter rather than the meta, the relation between self/other, inside/outside, one/many: Plurisingularity.

"It turns out that the idea of separability itself was only ever a convenient ficti
on, whether we are talking about the level of protons or persons. The very notion of a isolated 'thing' (a classical particle or body-bound observer) has been undone by Barad’s 'agential realism,' wherein the final realities are 'intra-active' agencies rather than isolable entities. These agencies or creatures (to use Whitehead’s favored term) are not dissolved into their relational intra-actions, 'rather, the creature emerges within the creative field that it differentiates [such that] the attributes that make one creature different from another [are] acts of differentiation [and not] inherent properties of a discrete substance.' Acts or performances of differentiation are what individuate us moment by moment; our identities are always established through intra-active relationship."

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