Thursday, June 27, 2019

Freinacht on twisted sisters

He comments on the plethora of twisted ideas in the transition from postmodernism to metamodernism:

"This is the abyss of neo-reactionaries: anti-pomos, Jungians (yes, Jungians, read up on Jung and the Nazis, folks), (anti-feminist) masculinists, neo-nationalists, Petersonians, meta-right, the integral alt-right, the authoritarian right integralists (almost entirely made up of the waste of the largely failed integral movement, almost only older men, spending very much time on social media), neo-conservatives, meta-nazis, anti-environmentalists, anti-sociologists (who want to turn the world into a forced therapy session of icky workshops, because it's 'all about the individual')… These are all *pathological* positions, all failing the developmental transition from pomo to metamodern. They are people who do understand the faults and pathologies of pomo, but who fail to integrate the pomo insights, ethics and critiques."

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