Sunday, June 30, 2019

More from Haraway

Continuing this post:

"Recall that the Greek chthonios means 'of, in, or under the Earth and the seas.' […] The chthonic ones are precisely not sky gods, not a foundation for the Olympiad, not friends to the Anthropocene or Capitalocene, and definitely not finished. […] Chthonic underworld powers who avenge crimes against the natural order."

"The Gorgons turned men who looked into their living, venomous, snake-encrusted faces into stone. I wonder what might have happened if those men had known how to politely greet the dreadful chthonic ones. I wonder if such manners can still be learned, if there is time to learn now, or if the stratigraphy of the rocks will only register the ends and end of a stony Anthropos."

I also like this about Haraway, indicative of the collaborative commons. She 

"believes that the best thinking is done collectively. She is constantly citing other people, including graduate students, and giving credit to them."

And this quote, reminding me of Bonnie's recent post and how it all relates to hier(an)archical synplexity:

"There is a kind of raw opportunism in biology and chemistry, where things work stochastically to form emergent systematicities. It's not a matter of direct functionality. We need to develop practices for thinking about those forms of activity that are not caught by functionality, those which propose the possible-but-not-yet, or that which is not-yet but still open."

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