Monday, October 21, 2013

Binding Chaos

P2P Foundation made me aware of the book Binding Chaos. P2P is doing a 3-part excerpt this week, the first of which is at the link. There is also a blog link by the author with access to the book. From the blog post:

"The world is long overdue for a completely new system of governance. If there was ever a need for political representation or a paternalistic and opaque authority it has been removed by technology. Every political system we have tried has proven incapable of protecting human rights and dignity. Every political system we have tried has devolved into oligarchy. To effect the change we require immediately, to give individuals control and responsibility, to bring regional systems under regional governance, allow global collaboration and protect the heritage of future generations, we need a new political model."

From Binding Chaos, the section on Stigmergy beginning at p. 83. Sounds like our IPS forum.

"With stigmergy, an initial idea is freely given, and the project is driven by the idea, not by a personality or group of personalities. No individual needs permission (competitive) or consensus (cooperative) to propose an idea or initiate a project. There is no need to discuss or vote on the idea. If an idea is exciting or necessary it will attract interest. The interest attracted will be from people actively involved in the system and willing to put effort into carrying the project further, not empty votes from people with little interest or involvement. Since the project is supported or rejected based on contributed effort, not empty votes, input from people with more commitment to the idea will have greater weight. Stigmergy also puts individuals in control over their own work. They do not need group permission to tell them what system to work on or what part to contribute" (84).

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