Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Regressives shut down the federal government

The sick bastards did it. In tying their demands for reduced Obamacare provisions to the budget, which were soundly and adamantly rejected by Senate Democrats, the government partially shut down at 12am today. This will force about 800,000 federal workers to be furloughed and shut down non-essential government services. The regressive rationalization is that Obamacare is causing all this harm when if fact it is helping people. What is causing harm is shutting down the government, and before that the sequester cuts that the regressives forced upon us. If the regressives assert something you know for sure that it is exactly the opposite. They do not give a damn about the people but only about their failed ideology, and they're willing to hurt millions in the process.

Check out Senator Sanders on this in this video where he said:

“I think it’s enormously important that the American people understand that this debate is not just about Obamacare. What this debate is about is the Koch Brothers’ dream of repealing virtually every major piece of legislation passed in the last 80 years. And if we can make the American people understand that it’s not just Obamacare – these guys want to abolish the minimum wage, they want to end Social Security, they want to do away with Medicare as we know it. This is an extreme right-wing agenda. And if they get away with what they are trying to do now, in two weeks they’ll be back with the debt ceiling, threatening the financial stability of the entire world, unless they get more.”

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