Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ralph Nader rightfully reams the Democrats

See his article here. Don't get the subject line wrong, he doesn't favor Republicans. In fact he calls them retrograde, similar to my denigration of regressive. He's just rightly pissed that the Dems fail to stand up to the destructive policies of the regressives because they need campaign contributions from the same folks the regressives get theirs, the corporations and Wall Street. And there's the crux of our problem, money in politics. Campaign finance reform with publicly financed elections and no outside money allowed is the only way to curtail this. He claims that even the Congressional Progressive caucus refuses to press its agenda on House minority leader Pelosi because she is so good at raising campaign contributions. And when you get that money from corporations and banks that oppose the progressive agenda then that agenda must be off the table or you don't get the money.

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