Monday, October 28, 2013

Reich is right (again) on Obamacare

He hits the nail yet again on the regressive opposition to Obamacare. The program was derived from considerable compromise with the regressives that included many of their ideas, particularly the individual mandate from the Heritage Foundation. Reich provides example after example of historical regressive healthcare models, all of which look pretty much like Obamacare. And which the insurance companies love, by the way. They got what they wanted but refuse to accept it because it's called Obamacare.

Reich is also right that this is not what the progressives wanted, which was public payer like Medicare. Since it is obvious that the regressives will refuse to accept anything, even their own ideas, if it comes from Obama, then why not just go with the progressive agenda. That agenda will win the day and the nation is shifting in that direction and away from regressive obstructionism as witnessed by the disasterous polls from the government shut-down and debt default threat. That's the hope, that the progressives will regain the House in '14 over that mess and perhaps by then they will have grown the courage to finally stand up for what they really believe and we can do away with Obamacare's regressive policies and institute Medicare for all.

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