Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Petition to end the government shutdown

From the Daily Kos:

Demand that House Speaker John Boehner end the Republican shutdown by passing a clean spending bill. Join Daily Kos and the DCCC: Sign the petition now.

The federal government has shut down, and there’s no end in sight. House Republicans manufactured this crisis—refusing to pass any spending bill that didn’t include huge policy changes unrelated to government spending—to force their right-wing agenda on Americans.

And what did House Republicans do after shutting government down? Call a conference committee to “settle differences,” which means demand further concessions—just to reopen the government.

Enough is enough. John Boehner has the power to end this shutdown and put 800,000 people back to work right away. All he has to do is call a vote in the House to pass a clean spending bill.

Join Daily Kos and the DCCC to tell John Boehner: End this government shutdown now.

Keep fighting,
Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

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