Sunday, October 27, 2013

Legitimate questions to kennilingus claims

Continuing from the last 2 posts, if this is an accurate variant of a postmetaphysical basis, and if it is a more accurate depiction of what constitutes postformal operations (postop), then it legitimately questions the typical kennilingus formulations as a more sophisticated form of formal operations (formop). The SD FAQ and article support that formop is indeed the origin of the so-called MGM meme, which argument comes right from the Lingam's mouth.* All of which calls into question any such 'test' of postop if it is based on kennilingus formop assumptions, including those of the MHC, itself the basis for much of these claims. The real/false reason thread focuses on the latter with similar postop alternatives, also erroneously labeled 'green' if not MGM by the metaphysical formopers.

* As is the so-called performative contradition charge against so-called 'green,' itself a formop argument incapable of understanding the type of paraconsistent logic used in the linked posts. Note also in the linked posts that this type of paraconsistent logic is distinguished from "various spin-offs or derivative,** the former of which is lumped in with the latter in kennilingus critiques due to the lack of distinction above.

** See Catherine Keller in this post and the one linked therein for this differentiation.

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  1. Here's a link* to the book Process and Difference, which Keller edited. From her introduction:

    “He [Griffin] does not however engage Derrida, who coined the term deconstruction, nor Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, Luce Irigaray, or Julia Kristeva, or indeed any of the French theorists whom one thinks of as originators of the 'deconstructive postmodernism' to which this series offers the preferred alternative. Instead, he disputes with U.S. philosophers like Karl Popper, Wilfrid Sellars, and Keith Campbell. They are no doubt worthy opponents. Yet their questions, terms, and analytic methods simply do not represent what is known as 'deconstruction.' Indeed there is if anything less tolerance between North American philosophy and French deconstruction than between the latter and process thought.”

    Although I'd add that as noted elsewhere some North American philosophy does have kinship, like James, Dewey and Peirce, the progenitors of the cogscipragos.



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