Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comment on metaphysical instincts

See this prior post for reference. Skimming Shirazi's article he noted that the 'ego' is necessary for integrating personality. But something more than the ego is necessary for more complete integration, what he calls the higher self. But this too is part of the 'ego' if we look to Cook-Greuter, for it has various levels of development. However for both Shirazi and CG this higher self is caught in a metaphysics of presence. For example, from the article:

"In integral yoga the goal is no less than the complete illumination, transformation and integration
of the psyche and evolution of embodied consciousness" (113).

The states thread and other IPS threads make clear that we can include such integration without delusions of "complete illumination." Also see this comment for how CG goes there too.

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