Thursday, October 24, 2013

Open Integral blog

Update: One can see some of the posts from the missing period at the Wayback Machine. Just input the following into the search engine: When you get into the posts you can activate the comments as well as some of the archives listed on the right column. One can also see the correct authorship.

It is located here. This is an archive for the old Open Integral (OI) blog and well as my current blog here. OI was an international, collaborative blog of integral thinkers and practitioners extending integral thought. Most of us have written essays at Integral World and that’s how we got connected. It was instantiated following the now classic tit-for-tat online fight, the Wyatt Earp incident, between Ken Wilber(Wyatt Earp) and his reaction to the thoughts of other integral thinkers (many of the writers on this blog). We decided to unite and provide alternative integral perspectives in an interactive format, hence this blog.

Unfortunately the administrator of the OI blog did not save all the posts when it shut down. The file he sent me contained only the posts from its inception to November 2007. The posts after November 2007 to October 2010 are missing and lost forever, much to my regret. Also in the conversion process to this format all of the post authorship was attributed to me instead of the original authors. In some of the posts the authors self-identify, in others not. Nothing I can do about that either. The situation sucks but it’s the best I can provide given the circumstances. At least some of the early posts are archived for posterity.

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