Friday, October 18, 2013

Petition Congress to quit holding us hostage

Here is the petition to sign if you're so inclined. The message:

Dear congressional leaders,

Now that the political games are finally over, it's time to actually get back to the real work Americans sent you there to do.Over the past several weeks, while Tea Party politics shut down our government for 16 days and brought us to the brink of economic shutdown, the American people spoke out. From Twitter to rallies to dinner table conversations, Americans expressed outrage that a Tea Party minority in Congress could hold us hostage and keep us from the real work we want to see done.

Now, we have a clear message for the people who let it happen: We can't do this again. There's a lot on Congress' plate. Americans want to see you all come together to solve the real problems facing our country instead of going from one manufactured crisis to another. We'll keep making our voices heard in support of policies that grow the economy, create jobs, and strengthen the middle class. And millions of Americans are waiting to see if you'll take action to fix our broken immigration system. Now, please get back to work on the agenda Americans voted for last November.

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