Monday, June 2, 2014

Rifkin responds to new EPA CO2 standards

Rifkin has a new blog post here in response to the EPA CO2 emission standards released today. He takes this as an opportunity to reiterate many of the same points from his new book, although he does provide some updated information since the book was published. Some of it I've already provided in recent post. One update in the post consistent with the last post in this thread is that in Germany individuals owned 40% of the RE capacity. This is consistent with the developing Commons whereby individuals own and generate their own energy and share it with each other via the IoT.

Also recall this recent post above on the cost of implementing the new EPA CO2 emission standards, estimated at $50 billion/year until 2030. Rifkin cites Cisco estimating that the IoT using RE will generate $14.4 trillion in cost efficiency savings and revenue by 2022. The $50 billion/year cost noted by the US Chamber of Commerce comes to about $400 billion in 2022, a mere 3% or so of the projected savings generated by the IoT and RE. Indeed a bargain for the finance minded, eh? And saving the planet to boot?

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