Saturday, March 12, 2016

Clinton's disingenuous tactics

Hartmann will vote for the Democratic nominee, whether Sanders of Clinton. And he admits that increasingly looks like Clinton. But he cannot help but criticize Clinton for her disingenuous attacks on Sanders record. It hurts Clinton's credibility, which is already abysmal. Which in turn hurts her chances at winning against the much bigger and greater threat to democracy on the Republican side. It's a dirty tactic that only reinforces peoples' distrust in all politicians.

However, Hartmann notes that this tactic is what cost Clinton the MI primary despite her large lead in the polls. And what demo caused that upset? The Millennials. And they get their info from social media and the internet, which of course exposes such tactics. Let's hope that this demo continues to keep informed and vote in droves in the remaining primaries so that Sanders can win. Then we can have a candidate that needs not resort to such shopworn political tactics.

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