Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sanders exposes Bigly Swamp's Carrier deal for what it is

King Swamp railed endlessly during the campaign that he would stop the corporation Carrier from shipping all their jobs to Mexico. And he did indeed make a deal with them to only ship half of them there, keeping the other half in their US plant. But at what cost? Sanders provides those details, which once again prove that Bigly Swamp is a liar who betrays his promises.

First off, only about half of those jobs are staying, not all of them as promised. And Carrier gets in return for this half measure gets tax and regulatory favors, the kind that Bigly Swamp also promised to do away with as part of the rigged system by punishing companies with taxes for shipping jobs out of the US. So a rigged system has been set up that other corporations can now get tax cuts and regulatory favors if they keep their jobs here. And that cost will be born by the rest of us in tax increases to pay for it, as well as the other labor and environmental costs like lower wages, less benefits and increased pollution levels.

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