Friday, March 17, 2017

Corporate Dems still don't get it

And they never will. This clip discusses a meeting of said corp Dems in Denver. They still think that to win elections they have to continue on the same course that has lost them bigly in the last several elections. And I mean BIGly. E.g.: continuing identity politics while discounting Millennials, student debt and economic issues. Obviously appealing to one's race, gender or sexual preference is moot if they don't have an agenda to economically help them. And it's equally obvious that in the last election it was indeed economic issues that flipped some previous Obama voters. But for the Dems to admit this would require that they also turn off the corporate money spigot, for that too is an economic issue since we all know those kinds of donors are the very people that rig the economic system against us.

The video also notes the DNC transition advisory committee is all corporate Dems who did not vote for Keith Ellison except for one. More evidence that these Dems just aren't going to change, ever. It's time for progressives to leave that corrupt Party.

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