Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fact check on CBO spin

Here they fact check the spin on both sides. On the liberal side they check the statement that 24 million people would lose the coverage they currently have. While true there would be 24 million fewer insured, "the numbers represent a complicated mix of some losing insurance, some deciding not to have it, others gaining it and others not having insurance in the future."

They also check the conservative spin that it would lower premiums. "Premiums, on the nongroup market, will not 'go down' from what they are right now. They will just be lower than what they would be under the ACA, on average, by 2026." In fact premiums will go up 15-20% in the next two years, and much higher indefinitely for the elderly. Overall there will be a 10% decrease by 2026. The article doesn't say this, but that is largely due to eliminating the minimum coverage standards of the ACA where insurance companies can once again sell useless policies for low cost. See the article for details.

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