Saturday, March 18, 2017

MSNBC's unhinged Russian conspiracy

This piece rightly criticizes Maddow on her fanatical reporting on Twamp collusion with Russia. And yet to date there is no direct evidence of such collusion. Like the Twamp taxes story, Maddow has been fed the corporate media's penchant for hying stories for ratings, just like Fox Snooze. Granted there must be investigations to follow the leads, but to jump to conclusions is tantamount to the conservatives thinking Obama was  Kenyan, or that Clinton ordered Benghazi.

The danger in all this is to ignore the real issues at hand, and come up with a practical progressive agenda to counter Twamp and his swamp. The latter is what we should focus on, since the Dem Party will not. Let the investigative committees do their job and quit with the conspiracy theories. Otherwise the Maddows will marginalize the progressive agenda as crackpots, much the same way Fox has done to the conservative movement.

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