Saturday, March 11, 2017

Right wing close to Constitutional convention

See Hartmann's piece. It has been their long-range plan all along, to get enough State seats to hold such a convention to change the Constitution. And they're close. 34 States are needed to initiate the process.

This not idle speculation or conspiracy theory. Citizens for Self Governance (CSG) is a right-wing org that is pushing for the Convention. Already there have been dress rehearsal for exactly this. In Dec. of '13 they met in DC for a dry run. Senator Rubio endorsed the effort, as did the TX Governor. As of '16 have passed the application for the Convention. Also in '16 CSG held a simulated Convention.

Their agenda? The simulated Convention passed Amendments on these topics: the States have to approve increasing the debt; eliminates the minimum wage, rights to unionize, and child labor laws; limits federal regulations on consumer protections; requires a super majority to impose federal taxes and repealing the 16th Amendment that legalized income taxes; gives the States the power to abrogate any federal law.

It's plain as day that the agenda is to change the Constitution from 'we the people' to 'we the oligarchs.' It is literally the end of democracy, no exaggeration. So much for the American experiment.

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