Friday, March 10, 2017

Sanders on winning back Twamp dwellers

This article discusses how Sanders accurately notes that the Democratic Party has been an utter failure by failing to connect with a huge swath of America that feels neglected by the political establishment. Their abysmal electoral results are proof of their sickening pudding. And all this when the public is with the progressives on issue after issue. But there's the rub: The Dem Party is not in the least progressive.

And yet the Party has half a brain in that it knows that Sanders supporters are key to victory. So they included some of Sanders' ideas in their platform as well as gave him a token post on the Dem leadership team. But doling out such tokens while they still stick to big money belies those values. We progressives, and even Twamp supporters, know that their efforts are mere fluff to hide their real agenda of sucking the teats of Wall Street.

So Sanders strategy is to now go into the belly of the beast, those areas where Twamp won, and bring the progressive message. Twamp himself used at least parts of that message to convince his supporters that it was indeed a rigged system by big banks and big business that are keeping the American people down. Sanders, unlike Twamp, had that message for decades and a long history of fighting for it. Twamp just used the message without the actual conviction to fool voters, so Sanders is going to show them how the message is valid while Twamp is the wrong leader in front of it.

Please Bernie, abandon the defunct Dem Party. They are not going to change and will continue to only give little meatless bones to progressives while maintaining their graft and corruption. It's time to start a People's Party.

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