Tuesday, June 27, 2017

David Brooks on wealthcare

He discusses how intellectual conservatives have a positive vision of America and have plans on how to implement it. But the Repugnantan Party has long since abandoned such visions and its only goal is power and money. A Brook's excerpt follows. See the article for much more.

"Because Republicans have no national vision, they seem largely uninterested in the actual effects their legislation would have on the country at large. This Senate bill would be completely unworkable because anybody with half a brain would get insurance only when they got sick.

"Worse, this bill takes all of the devastating trends afflicting the middle and working classes — all the instability, all the struggle and pain — and it makes them worse. As the C.B.O. indicated, the Senate plan would throw 22 million people off the insurance rolls. It would send them to private insurance plans that they could not afford to buy. Under the Senate bill, deductibles for poor families would be more than half of their annual income. The plans are so incompetently and cruelly designed that as the C.B.O. put it, 'few low-income people would purchase any plan.' This is not a conservative vision of American society. It’s a vision rendered cruel by its obliviousness."

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