Friday, June 30, 2017

Science Magazine: climate change effects on US economy

This article lays out just how climate change will move economic security away from the south and mid-west to the northeast and coasts. The sad (so sad) part of this is that the counties most affected by this economic shift are the ones that voted for Tramp. And they have no desire to understand such scientific facts about the real causes of their situation. I guess they'll just have to continue to blame the Mexicans and the Muslims, although how they are responsible for climate change of course makes no sense.

"Climate change will aggravate economic inequality in the United States, essentially transferring wealth from poor counties in the Southeast and the Midwest to well-off communities in the Northeast and on the coasts, according to the most detailed economic assessment of the phenomenon ever conducted. The study, published Thursday in Science, simulates the costs of global warming in excruciating detail, modeling every day of weather in every U.S. county during the 21st century. It finds enormous disparities in how rising temperatures will affect American communities: Texas, Florida, and the Deep South will bleed income in the broiling heat, while some chillier northern states gain moderate benefits."

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