Monday, June 19, 2017

Sanders and Warren on GOP health(don't)care plan

Very good discussion that presents facts on what is known of the Senate bill, given it's secret with no debate to date. We do know exactly what was in the House bill and it wasn't good. And we do know the basic Republican agenda and worldview, which they'll explore, as the likely outcome of the bill. E.g., the Republicans like to frame it in terms of choice, and yet they will take away the choice of 2.5 million women that have chosen Planned Parenthood because they will defund it.. What they mean by choice is the choice of the insurance companies to once again not give much real coverage to anyone, let alone the 23 million currently insured that will be be without it altogether. Of course they'll still have the choice of suicide instead of dying the slow death of no healthcare. Thanks for the choices.

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