Monday, June 19, 2017

GOP leaks personal info of 200 million voters

Let's hear Republicans now talk about unsafe data breaches or leaking. Something tells me it will be the sound of crickets on a quiet night.  From the article. See it for much, much more.

"The Republican National Committee’s in-house big data team just got caught by a cyber security firm leaking the private information of 200 million Americans. California-based UpGuard found the RNC’s data file unprotected in a publicly available URL within Amazon Cloud Services and downloaded the information – equivalent to 10 billion pages of text – and reported it to federal authorities.

"The RNC’s leaked database includes all registered voters in the United States, with information from Democrats, independents, and presumably 3rd party voters. UpGuard’s report suggests that this may be the largest known political data leak to date, worldwide. [...] Republicans only secured the leaked information after it was reported to authorities."

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