Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nina Turner: why Ossoff lost (and Dumbocrats continue to lose)

Yet another progressive analyzes the big Dumbocrat loss in Georgia. Obviously just throwing money at a campaign isn't enough, as Ossoff spent $23 million. Part of the problem is that his campaign ran as Repugnantan lite. Given the choice between that and a real Repugnantan conservatives will choose the latter every time. But that is the establishment Dumbocratic Party, and the very reason they continue to lose.

Now we can't really say that if a progressive ran in that district on that sort of agenda they would have won. The average income there is $84,000 and the majority are affluent whites. Sure, there are plenty of poor and middle-class families there too, but not enough to win an election. So instead of the Dumbocrats trying to kiss up to that demographic with a Repugnantan agenda, why not just focus on those districts where a progressive populist message resonates with a majority of working class families? Unfortunately the Dumbocratic Party still doesn't get that message.

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