Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why Ossoff lost

Granted there was a lot of voters kicked off the rolls by Handel using Interstate Cross-Check when she was Secretary of State. And plenty of other voter suppression techniques were used typical of Repugnantans hatred for voter choice. (Recall this recent report.) Even so, establishment Dumbocrats continue to use a losing strategy that has cost them the Presidency and over 1000 lost legislative seats nationwide.

Ossoff's loss is just another example that they continue to not get it. The Dums continue to think that throwing money at elections while maintaining they typical so-called centrist stance will magically change results. Ossoff rejected single-payer healthcare and refused to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. What the electorate wanted is not only a populist vision but the guts to stand up for it, to defend it proudly, and to take down the real people messing with our lives, the 1%. But nooooo, the establishment Dums keep being dumb and dumber, not able to see why they keep losing.

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