Monday, June 26, 2017

Senator Frankin on Limosine Dimocrats

In this interview Frankin is asked (around 7:10) about how to change working people's perceptions that the Dim Party are just elites that don't give a shit about them. Frankin then launches against the top tax bracket, whose tax breaks would in themselves pay for 700,000 people on Medicaid. He claims the New England Journal of Medicine claims that 1-2,000 people of those 700,000 cut from the program will die. So the wealthcare bill is willing to kill people to give tax breaks to the rich. So apparently his answer to the question is for progressives to fight against the cruelty of such legislation in no uncertain terms while promoting a compassionate healthcare system like Obamacare. Even Repugnantan Scarborough thinks both the House and Senate bills are cruel.

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